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Design Inspiration: Butcher Retail Store WordPress Themes

This series of Design Inspiration posts is to show the versatility of WordPress as a CMS platform for all industry sectors.

Delicieux WordPress Theme


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Why Use WordPress For Your New Website?

Whether looking to build an online platform to showcase your portfolio of information resources or an integrate site with e-commerce solution, WordPress is a user-friendly solution for bloggers, micro/small business owners and authors.

The flexible, easy-to-use, secure and reliable interface offers:

Control – The clear and concise WordPress Dashboard gives YOU back control of your website, rather than being at the mercy at Tech Guys who charge $60+ per hour to update one page.

Value for Money – With an abundance of free or low cost templates readily available (and easy to implement), WordPress is a cost-effective and secure website option for any user.

Simple to Use – No need to stress over HTML, with a WordPress website you can add content yourself as simply and easily as copying and pasting from Microsoft Word.

Visual Integration – The add media function within WordPress allows users to share text, images, video, audio, pdf attachments and more, with the click of a couple buttons.

Social Media Integration & RSS Support – Developers from all corners of the Globe are continually developing and updating the WordPress integrated widgets and plugins to enhance end-user experiences.

Reliable & Trusted – With straight forward instructions and tutorials to aid in your online platform development.

Tip of the Day: Maximise blog traffic with keyword rich content…

By creating structured keyword rich blogging content, your audience will be driven organically to your site through the search engines.

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Beyond The Manuscript – The Importance of (Self-Driven) Marketing and Promotion

The process of writing your book doesn’t end with completing your manuscript, nor when you sign off on the final edits, cover design nor typesetting…

Even before your book heads off to print, you (the Author) should be investing a few hours per day cleverly crafting and executing a strategic marketing plan, that will carry your book forward into the hands of your target audience.

Become a thought leader within the publishing industry

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Week in Review: Sunday 8th January 2012

With love of books and for the purpose of sharing (and caring), here are the key trends and latest industry information from this week:

  • 6 Steps to Building a Quality Blog Following – Shane Snow @ Mashable
  • 2012 Publishing Predictions – Author Media
  • Paranormal Romance Writer Amanda Hocking Scored with E-Books – USA Today
  • Extraordinary Book Comes to Life – Central Western Daily
  • Indie Bookstores as Indie Publishers: The Most Anticipated Books of 2012 – The Atlantic Wire

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