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Getting Published with Digital Submission Pitches

Until recently the path to be traditionally published meant either working with a literary agent or having your work sit in a slush pile for months to years before being read.

These barriers, both daunting and exhausting processes for aspiring authors, have been removed with Australian publishers recognising a need for a more immediate and streamlined process to captilise on literary trends and sourcing new talent.

HarperCollins is the latest Australian publisher to announce an unsolicited digital submission process, allowing aspiring authors to present their work for consideration.

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Week in Review: 4th March

With love of books and for the purpose of sharing (and caring), here are the key trends and latest industry information from this week:

  • Penguin: eBooks account for 12% of sales – Ebook Magazine
  • 7 Worst Mistakes Of Indie Authors and How to Fix Them – The Creative Penn
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  • We Love Getting Crafty But There Is No Money Left In The Kitty – Crikey.com.au
  • If You Are A Book Publisher You’ve Got The Blues Real Bad – Crikey.com.au

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