Font Directories

The typography chosen to support your cover and manuscript, is a powerful, emotive and purposeful process for every Author.

Here are our favourite font directories for typography inspiration for your next project:

  • DaFont - A Wealth of Script, Gothic, Foreign Style, Fancy and Techno Fonts
  • Fontspace - Regularly Updated with New Fonts & Typography Artists
  • Fawnt - Modern, Clean Database of Fonts
  • Font Deck - Typography for the Web
  • Font Struct - Create Your Own Fonts
  • Flipping Typical - Wondering What Your Title Will Look Like Using Different Font Types
  • Font Squirrel – Free Fonts for Commercial Use
  • My Fonts – An Awesome Collection of Web & Print Fonts
  • Font Haus – Online Retailer of Fonts
  • Design Modo – An Eclectic Mix of Design Inspiration
  • SloDive – Graphic and Web Design Inspiration
  • What The Font? – Have a Font You Can’t Recognise

Do you have a favourite site or resource that you would like to add? Leave us a comment here or visit Barefoot Basics on Facebook.

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