About Barefoot Basics

Welcome to Barefoot Basics! More than simply the publishing, marketing and communications consulting business of Rochelle Stone, it’s a philosophy and way of life.

When I moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2011, I had the aim of building an online platform to share the stories and journeys of Australian women in business, share my love of food and design and share my exploration of the Sunshine Coast whilst working full-time or part-time with a local company.

The longer I looked at our five to ten year, the more I realised it was the time to create a business foundation that provided flexibility,  financial independence, further learning and that utilised an online and offline business model that built on the fifteen years experience across Publishing, Marketing, Communications and Design, nurtured between both Sydney and Brisbane.

The opportunity to launch Barefoot Basics came in 2012, with the essence in business to provide a holistic service to my consulting and coaching clients, to be an information resource for micro-small business owners and to be a reflection of my journey as I define my own path from my beachside home. Here I combine being a beach loving, veggie growing hippy, wellness warrior, jewellery designer, marketing coach and consultant with being a mum to three poodles and partner to the Butcher.

My essence in life and business is to strip away the drama, understand the bigger picture, seek answers, overcome my (self imposed) obstacles and focus on taking daily steps towards my goals.

In 2015 I am seeking like minded women in business who have a genuine interest in defining their own path and activating their small business in 2015. To book your 45-minute free strategy session visit here.

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