Activate Your Business in 2014!


Barefoot Basics Consulting Session

Do need clarity over your marketing plan and communication strategy? Are you seeking insight on how to further develop your online footprint? Interested in launching (or relaunching) your own business? Or interested in remodelling your business foundation for greater success in 2014?

Activate your business and build your empire in 2014 with Barefoot Basics!

The Barefoot Basics Seven Keys to Success in 2014 are:

1. Set your goals and milestones.
2. Develop your modern day business model.
3. Establish your brand identity.
4. Bring focus to your marketing plan.
5. Revamp your online platform.
6. Create your 90-day communication strategy.
7. Work with an accountability coach.

During the 45-minute strategy session we will establish your vision and goals for 2014, creating an outline of activity for the months ahead.

Limited 45-minute marketing and business consulting sessions are available for Sunshine Coast (or Skype for anyone outside our beautiful coast) businesses in April and May…

BOOK NOW to kick-start your business plans with confidence!

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