Diary of a Business Geek – Lifestyle For Hire Cosmopolitan October 2012

Being interviewed by Rachel Hills for Cosmopolitan was a catalyst point in shifting my mindset towards my car and finally seeing Stormy the Holden Astra CDTi move on to a new home. With an offer on the car – from a Father and Son from Cairns willing to fly down to the Sunshine Coast – a week after the interview took place no less.

The process also took me that step further towards being debt free emotionally and financially in my year of being 32. In essence, I simply seek the stability and security that has remained out of my grasp for the past 6 years.

Having the new house in Sydney (with a modest mortgage of just under $300,000), a new car (purchased as a hire/purchase), new job and growing jewellery label meant that I was on top of the world one minute, before it all came crashing down less than a month later when both my partner (at the time and of 8 years) were made redundant within a week of each other.

Six years on and following a relocation to QLD and looking for a new start, I find myself at home on the Sunshine Coast ready to make peace with my past. (BTW anyone interested in a part-time marketing manager or consultant?)

Jennifer Hawkins Cosmopolitan Magazine October 2012

Rochelle Stone Barefoot Basics Cosmopolitan Interview October 2012

Rochelle Stone Barefoot Basics Cosmopolitan Interview October 2012Rochelle Stone Barefoot Basics Cosmopolitan Interview October 2012Lessons learnt from this Business Geek:

  • Renting isn’t a dirty word – however chose what you rent carefully. Rent a property before you buy in the area. But don’t rent items you can easily save for such as Laptops, Clothes, Handbags, Shoes or Cars.
  • Save for your house deposit, rather than seeking a 100% mortgage. And purchase the property when you know you are financially secure. $10,000+ of my superannuation went into a house, due to financial hardship to meet the repayments.
  • Invest in a wardrobe that will last longer than a season.
  • Invest in moments that exist longer than for a reason.
  • Give up living on credit.
  • Have a budget and stick to it.
  • Have a second stream of income, if possible.
  • Save for the rainy day, as it comes around a lot more often then you expect it too.
  • Live the life that you choose and within your means. We can’t have it all at 26, 32 or even 42!

Do you have any additional tips or have your own journey to share?


4 thoughts on “Diary of a Business Geek – Lifestyle For Hire Cosmopolitan October 2012

  1. Krishna Everson

    Ouch. Hard lesson. Feel for you Rochelle. Thankyou for sharing your experience and wisdom, as it is so easy to stick our head in the sand (speaking from experience), and you never know what’s around the corner. May everything you need come to you with ease. Blessings, Krishna xx

    1. barefootbasics Post author

      My major purpose for speaking out about my journey, is that it is a natural instinct to stick our head in the sand – simply ignoring the severity of our situation. Hopefully by participating in the Cosmo article I can encourage women of any age to think twice. My aim at that age was to be savvy and to secure the freedom we had as a couple, I am just incredibly grateful 5 years down the track that I choose a minimum balloon payment.

      At the end of the day I acted out of security for the future. However you never know what is around the corner.

  2. rodneybukuya

    Congratulations for being published in such a big time mag!!

    I really like the secondary income tip, it’s one I’ve recommended for others. For some people I’ve used the second income stream to accelerate debt reduction, for others to bolsters Superannuation savings, while for another client we built up a slush fund to the value of 18 months of household income so the couple could take a career break.

    1. barefootbasics Post author

      Thanks Rodney for the confirmation, I have always followed my instincts and chosen a path of two incomes. It hasn’t been the easiest of journeys to walk, but I am glad to be so close to actualising my goals.


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