Diary of a Business Geek: It’s Time To Move On…

My horoscope from yesterday read ‘It seems as if the sky is clearing today, revealing fair weather ahead. Unfortunately, the sailing may not remain as smooth as you wish. Nevertheless, you can make everything perfect within your imagination, even if your fantasy has little to do with what’s real. However, it might be best to stick to your daily routines as much as possible. If you don’t slip off the edge of reality you will be able to capitalize on the good fortune coming your way’. Source: Tarot.com


For the greater part of 2 months, my life has been in temporary limbo with daily routine (except for the daily fall of anxiety ridden tears and sleepless nights) thrown out the window as I lived each day at the mercy of Property Managers, latest listings and unscheduled appointments with a moments notice.

The shelter we have called home for the past year and a half since moving to the Sunshine Coast is being renovated and converted to a holiday let and whilst we anticipated the change was coming – saying goodbye and moving on hasn’t been as easy as I had previously thought.

At the beginning of this year, I made the vow to live this year (my year of being 32) debt free – financially and emotionally. Six months in and being provided with the opportunity to move forward into a new home, gives us time to reflect and gain closure on the rollercoaster (and heartbreak) that we have experienced as a couple since relocating from Brisbane.

Each step has been a learning and enlightening experience. But guided by the powers that be, who heard my voice when I knew it was time to move on.

As some followers of Barefoot Basics may know the site originally existed as .com.au – with a focus on Women in Business. From the middle of last year, however, after fighting a chronic flu then losing our much longed for bub at 9.5 weeks, the focus felt unauthentic and lost in translation.

Taking a huge step back from everything that swamped my life in the months that followed, I took the time to began forming the perfect picture of my target market and ideal client, down to the finest detail. Who do I really want to work with and why? How can my passions, purpose, drive and knowledge activate their small business empires?

Happily, the alignment has brought forward a number of amazing people to work with.

My focus on becoming debt free was overwhelming to say the least. Big $$$ are confronting – and nerve wracking – especially when you have no immediate way to meet your responsibilities.

Three very specific moments created the change I needed to feel and see.The first realisation, break the big goal down into weekly size chunks, know how much you need to earn and the drive behind your goals. The second breakthrough was owning up to my responsibilities – not only to lenders but to my beautiful family – by scheduling an appointment with the Salvation Army financial counselling service I knew I was ready to make the change that I wanted to see in the world. The third was being interviewed for an article in Cosmopolitan magazine on the realities of renting higher priced items. My closure   came from being able to provide insights into the downside of Hire/Purchase Vehicles – which is how I secured my car in 2006 and almost lost in 2011. Within a week of the interview, which is still to go to print, I had my car sold to a very happy home – the father and son even flew down from Cairns to pick up the car.

I’ve been allowed to confront my fear of money and work towards creating a comfortable existence.

Stoneskiville, our big little house on the Sunshine Coast has sheltered us from many storms – but has also felt like a dark cold prison during the darkest of hours. Within a whirlwind month we moved here from Brisbane in March 2011, the jungle-like gardens providing refuge as I adjusted to having a full-time contract put on permanent hiatus the day before we moved here and then facing the longest day of my life without any service to my phone (as we couldn’t afford to pay the bill) as I suffered my heartbreaking miscarriage at 9.5 weeks – the longest I have carried a little friend following a diagnosis of PCOS at 17.

On the day we received our notice to leave, I was cleaning out the poodles room (they sleep in the garage) I knew inside it was time to go and even when the postman delivered the notice a couple hours later the reality was a welcome change.

What I didn’t expect was the mental blocks that obstructed each step over the past few weeks. Combined with a lack of rain, warming weather and a compounding fear of lose of work time due to having to spend every waking second looking for a new home meant that I became stuck in a self inflicted limbo land.

Listening to the brief downpour of rain late last week – I surrendered our wishes for a new home not just a house – and they were answered – with three applications on three unique and beautiful homes being accepted – after searching and submitting applications with resounding silence for close to two months.

In less than a week, I will be shifting just up the road. Barefoot Basics will have a new office and creative space. The Butcher will be able to walk to work and will have a manshed to create in. Plus we will have a spare room for visitors. (& Secure fences for the cheeky trio of poodles).

Emotionally, I have needed to put myself and my family first this year. For the first time in a long time this has been a non-negotiable.

Being there constantly for others has previously caused many fractures in my life – yet learning to say ‘NO’ is still an ongoing journey.

The decision has created a much needed filter. My energy is finally being spent wisely – and with like-minded people who understand life is a two-way street. What you give is what you receive.

At the end of the day – I need time to heal and time to spend on my loved ones.

It’s time to move on… to new beginnings…

If you are on the Sunshine Coast (or Brisbane) drop by the Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo this Friday and Saturday between 9am and 4pm – in the madness that has been the past 2 months, I have been preparing to introduce Barefoot Basics to the wider Sunshine Coast community – I look forward to meeting you there.

xxx Diary of a Business Geek Author & Barefoot Basics Founder – Rochelle Stone


6 thoughts on “Diary of a Business Geek: It’s Time To Move On…

  1. Selina

    This is an awesome blog. I’m deeply touched by your honesty regarding all these tumultuous experiences. It is obvious from your writing that you are a very strong woman and strong women are tested so that we can see your ‘metal’. I’m so touched by what you have written and the picture you have provided to me through allowing me, a total stranger, to come along for a little ride in what it is like to be in your shoes.

    1. barefootbasics Post author

      Thank you Selina, I think my purpose for this year is to share the real highs and lows of my journey throughout the years, as I know my story will connect and resonate with many others.

    1. barefootbasics Post author

      Thank you Kama! I received a lot (!!!) of inspiration from your recent posts from your international travels. It’s funny I teach my clients to be ‘real’ online but it is the one thing that I hide from my online audience.

  2. Rodney Bukuya

    Thank you for sharing your truth Rochelle. Would love to chat to you sometime about the Salvo service, there’s a lot of great services in this area but I’ve never spoken to anyone whose used the Salvo’s.

    1. barefootbasics Post author

      Pop me an an email at rochelle {@} barefootbasics.com with a time to chat – I’m a Salvos girl from birth, though hadn’t been within it’s walls since 1995. And had never thought that the programs would have extended beyond those that were eligible for centrelink benefits.

      Between the time I made and attended the appointment I had the bulk of my issues confronted, the insight and experience was invaluable.

      It is important to know there are support services available for all people of all social economic levels.


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