Why Self-Publishing Has Become The New Business Card…

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.”

– Seth Godin

It’s quite a drastic statement…

But then what do you do with the collected business cards post the networking events that you attend? If, like me, the business cards are sorted into two piles – the first of which I have actioned immediately by following the business owners on Facebook or subscribing to their website newsletter, the second gets placed straight into the draw until the next office clean out.

Within 3-Steps, from business card to online footprint assessment, I introduce myself to their sales funnel. The deciding factor, the relevancy and quality of the content shared through their social media profiles and on their website.

The Importance of Online Branding

When creating your online platform and building your supporting social media profiles, streamline your online footprint through consistency in branding.

Allow the fluid design and flexible nature of WordPress to work with you and your brand. If there are key colours or design themes that you use on your site, ensure that these are mirrored across your online and offline branding materials.

Identify a consistent voice which will be applied to the articles, images and messages that you deliver to the marketplace.

Encourage and develop an engaged cross platform audience through quality content.

Be creative with your content, explore your possibilities and understand what your audience craves more of.

Content is King (or Queen)…

It’s no secret that Google loves websites that are frequently updated. However all Authors, at times, fail to read the memo –

Our Audiences Prefer Consistent Quality
Over Lacklustre Quantity.

This is important to keep in mind when establishing your goal posts and milestones. Organic growth in traffic to your website based on the consistent quality of your posts holds greater value to your long term business plans than an audience that has been developed using competitions and freebies as an incentive.

Know who you are talking too (aka Your Ideal Client). Establish a clear vision for your categories and article content from the outset – and listen to the comments and traffic levels to find out truly what keeps Your Ideal Client up at night (ie their big arsed problem).

When structuring your categories identify the top 5-10 issues that Your Ideal Client faces in order to achieve their own goals and milestones in business or in life.

For each of those Categories identify:

  • The FAQs that they have when faced with their big arsed problem.
  • What solutions can you offer their big arsed problem.
  • The top hints or tips you can offer as insights.
  • Industry resources that will aid in the process.
  • Individual case studies that showcase the transformation of others in similar situations.
  • The trending keywords and phrases from Google.

Structure your editorial calendar to deliver content consistently at a regular time each day.

The Role of the Self-Published Book

Why sell when your content can organically market your business Locally, Nationally and Globally?

Structuring your blog and website to provide regularly updated free resources, directories and content you are developing a foundation for an engaged audience and building a level of trust and credibility behind your knowledge resources.

Your self published book takes your blog to the next level and provides your audience with a tangible entry point into your sales funnel.

By striking a balance between new and repurposed content, your self published book continues the sales conversation with your target audience – providing greater insights into the issues that keep them up at night and answering the question “Are you the right person to activate my business?”.

Venturing from Blog to Book

With your Table of Contents established through your blog categories, collating a balanced mix of content is the next step.

Develop a hierarchy with your existing blog posts, are there any connective articles that need to be written in order to create a flow between chapters? Do you have client specific case studies that will provide greater insight for your audience? Are there action tasks or further resources that can supplement each chapter which invoke engagement and application of your information into the readers business?

Further integrate your book into your blog, by creating a dedicated sales page, with the Table of Contents listed and linked to the previously published online content. This will provide instant insights into the additional value that your readers will receive by purchasing your self published book.

Beyond the Manuscript

Warrant your investment of time spent developing your quality content, by investing in the right book production team. Begin with working with a professional proofreading and editorial team, before venturing into typesetting and cover design.

Investigate utilising print-on-demand specialists such as CreateSpace, Lulu, Smashwords, Lightning Source or Vivid Publishing.

Understand the role that your self published book will play within your ascension based business model, and it’s role in establishing your profile within your target market.

Think outside the square when building your distribution model to maximise your return on investment.

Stop the Procrastination…

If I had a $1 for every conversation I have had over the past three years that began with either:

  • ‘I have a great idea for a book, I just don’t know where to start…’
  • ‘I know as a business/life coach I should have a blog and a book, I just don’t know where to start…’
  • ‘I have all this great content, I like the idea of converting it into a book… help!’

… you know the drill… and my rent would have been paid for a good couple months to say the least. If we counted the conversations that began with ‘I’ve just printed xyz copies of my book, how do I sell and market them?’ I would be comfortable for a whole year.

There is no better day then today to start your self-publishing journey!


3 thoughts on “Why Self-Publishing Has Become The New Business Card…

  1. Rodney Bukuya

    I’m one of those people that are struggling to build my book while at the same time questioning someones credibility for not having one.

    Hypocrisy, I know yet I still feel compelled to place a higher value on content from someone that’s published when deciding what blogs to read during any given day. Unless of course, I’ve read their book and had a low response to it.

    I’ve been having some time constraints lately and that was accompanied by a level of guilt for not writing enough. It was nice to see your reminder about quality. Thank you

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