The Barefoot Basics Blog to Book Challenge

 The ‘Blog to Book Challenge’ is about blogging with a purpose.

And applying a $$$ value to your knowledge resources.

The role of the ‘Blog to Book Challenge’’is to show you that
self-publishing a book isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

With a clear vision, established milestones and a little guidance,
the ‘Blog to Book Challenge’ is your catalyst towards
a stronger and healthier business model.
Over 7 weeks Barefoot Basics will show you how!

The ’Blog to Book Challenge’ has been established with three key bloggers in mind:

  • The New Age Entrepreneur – Looking to build their profile as an author, speaker and coach;
  • The SME – With a focus on content marketing as a way to build trust and rapport with potential clients; and
  • The Random Musing Blogger – With passion for life and sees the silver lining within the most uncomfortable of situations.

By participating in the ’Blog to Book Challenge’ authors will:

  • Streamline their writing, editing and publishing process by creating a clear framework around their content.
  • Create quality content that will deliver their voice and knowledge succinctly to the market.
  • Define their vision and goals for their business, blog and book.
  • Have a greater understanding on the hot topics related to their industry or passion.
  • Increase engagement with and reach into their audience.
  • Share their articles with and receive feedback from their peers.
  • Build their brand.
  • Learn the importance of creating keyword rich and search engine optimised content.

In addition, ’Blog to Book Challenge’ authors will receive:

  • Challenge materials that encompass tips&hints on effective blogging, goal setting and SEO basics plus detailed content on the importance of effective Goal Setting, PR & Publicity, Building Your Distribution Model and Creating Your Online Platform.
  • Step-by-step instructions streamlining the book production process.
  • Book production and marketing schedule template.
  • Weekly feedback, bonus resources and incentives to achieve their goals.
  • The full breakdown of resources can be found here.

At the end of the ‘Blog to Book Challenge’ Authors will have increased their audience engagement and reach, have a wealth of quality material plus the tools, knowledge and resources to self publish their book. Guaranteed.

So how does the ’Blog to Book Challenge’ work?

The next ‘Blog to Book Challenge’ is launching soon – arming participating Authors with the resources and platform to kick-start the New Year!

Upon registration, Authors will receive a Q&A developed to allow us to understand their goals, objectives, purpose for blogging and current online footprint.

Over the following 7 weeks participants will receive The Challenge Resources, Blog With Purpose Action Steps and be invited to share their journey through the Barefoot Basics Facebook Page.

The ‘Blog to Book Challenge’ will guide Authors through setting milestones and targets for your online footprint, creating a wealth of quality content – that is relevant to their target audience – in the process. Arming Authors also with the resources to activate their small business empire.

Register Now for the next Blog to Book Challenge!

There are Two Levels of Participation and investment – Fuchsia – $195 – Inclusive of:

  • The ‘Blog to Book Challenge’ Resources
  • Email Support
  • Blog with Purpose Action Steps

Or For authors looking to take the ’Blog to Book Challenge’ to the next level, barefoot basics are offering a limited number of facilitated ‘Platinum Publishing Packages’ at $3,985 encompassing:

  • The ‘Blog to Book Challenge’ & Resources
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Email support
  • Professionally produced (proofread, edited and designed) ready-for-print book
  • Project managed publishing project
  • Author Assigned ISBN
  • 3 printing quotes
  • Print-ready files delivered within an agreed timeframe.
  • PLUS a 6-Part Mini Marketing Plan PLUS a tailored Distribution Model Plan.
  • A payment plan is available please email rochelle {@} to discuss your needs.


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