Diary of a Business Geek – With love from the Sunshine Coast, ‘The (Real) Shire’ you aren’t half bad.

From ‘Being Lara Bingle’ to ‘The Shire’, is Channel Ten trying to recreate the old skool freak show circus? Or perhaps just interested in tarnishing the memories of those who haved followed their hearts and instincts by moving interstate.

As a Sydney girl, forging a life for herself on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, I am extremely proud and protective of my working class home town of Campbelltown in South-West Sydney, and my second homes of the Sutherland Shire and Bondi.

Within the boundary of what is ‘The Shire’ I have worked, played, sunbathed, swam with dolphins, studied, fished and partied. The girls of ‘The Shire’ were perhaps slightly blonder than myself (I have a penchant for super hero red hair) and my friends, all brunettes. And the guys slightly more tanned thanks to having the surf at the front door.

At Bondi, I spent weekend after weekend selling my jewellery at the Bondi Beach Markets earning a handsome pay packet each week, before hitting the pub with the locals, British backpackers and fellow carnies (stall holders).

But the princess, diva and himbo behaviour as seen recently on both ‘Being Lara Bingle’ and ‘The Shire’ has scared my memories.

Until I sat back last night, wondering why would I let these cheap trashy beings tarnish the great times that I had, and why am I applying labels and penalising the other 99.999% of the population that live within these areas?

I don’t do tags and labels, in fact the quickest way to start an argument with me is to start discussing the stereotypes of the North versus South Brisbane, Caloundra versus Buderim, and of course West, South-West, North and South Sydney.

And the next person that suggests that perhaps my family are the diamond in the rough will probably meet a pretty mean left and right combo.

What it comes down to is this, we all have choices in life.

In my family we chose to study and work hard, to create our own opportunities and to create a positive example for the families that we will soon all have of our own. This ‘positive choices’ philosophy has been carried forth by many that I know, and yes I also do know many who have chosen the opposite path.

Given that I wonder why Channel Ten has chosen to highlight those who follow the path of the ‘Victim’.

Lara Bingle is a little girl lost that simply needs to grow up, and she isn’t alone, we all know women of every age bracket that are being held in limbo due to the choices they have made.

We have a choice to move forward and make positive powerful change, no matter what our circumstances. The only way to achieve personal success and happiness in life is to be truly accountable for your actions, business, responsibilities and life.

Sweet little Lara, out of curiousty, I watched until the episode where you had the pile of bills unopened and were discussing sub-leasing your leased car.

Study, develop your inner you and find a job that will lead into a career. Create your own path in life rather than relying on a pay check that relates to your looks, over time they will fade and Centrelink doesn’t pay enough to cover your bills.

Now, last night I was pretty carefree, ready to be non-judgemental, willing to lose a couple brain cells if necessary and aside from the fluff – all I wanted to see was a couple glimpses of back home, whilst I crafted for the night.

But WTF! Honey, I think the couple walking towards you recoiled at the horror of a 27 year old girl (yes girl) that has destroyed herself with plastic surgery and botox. Vernesa and Sophie, brains, beauty or being unfortunate enough be at the back of the line when God handed out both?

Leechy, learing Dad, Beckaa is your daughter not pseudo wife. And wannabe rapper, Rif Raf, that lives with his Mum at Sylvania Waters, its great to have dreams as long as you have a full-time job to support them.

Was something missing from the parenting handbook when this minority entered the world? And why do you have to trash the Sutherland Shire in the process?

At the end of your days, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

I know that I have chosen to be accountable for my life and decisions, yes my life has been a rollercoaster at times – but I have taken responsibility for those decisions and have created my own opportunities from making powerful, positive choices. That is my legacy. No if’s not but’s.

With love from the Sunshine Coast, ‘The (Real) Shire’ you aren’t half bad.


(30-Something Publisher & Book Marketing Specialist at Barefoot Basics, who when not madly typing away or creating jewellery is usually found fishing with her Butcher at Currimundi or playing soccer with her 3 mad poodles in their backyard. The eldest of four siblings, the others being an Anethestist, Occupational Therapist and an IT (& Accountancy) Guru.)

This post originally was published on www.alliandgenine.com


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