Interview with Lee-Anne Peters – Author of Temple of Balance

Temple of Balance - Lee Anne Peters

What value has Self-Publishing a book had to your business?
Doubling my business income over 12 months – It’s also helped provide credibility, and spread the word of my business (which is not mainstream).

Has Self-Publishing been an effective lead generation strategy?

Was your book a collaborative or solo-authored project?

How long did the writing process take?
About 5 months

Did you take into consideration the marketing, sales and distribution process – pre or post launch?
I did a lot of marketing & sales myself through my online contacts pre & post launch. I have just secured a distributor now (12 months later).

What have been your most effective sales channels?
Facebook, word of mouth, my website, my hosted events / appearances.

Are you considering to Self-Publish again?
My 3rd paperback is currently at the printers – 2 more books being written now. So Yes!

What key lessons have you learnt through the process?
That with focus, determination and commitment I can do anything I put my mind to. I have learned to follow up with phone calls (in regards to distribution/bookshops etc). I have learned to trust my abilities to create something that for a long time seemed ‘out-of-reach.’

What do you wish you knew before beginning the Self-Publishing journey?
Well, I am gaining more experience as I create, release and market my books. Mainly what people are looking for in a book… I am keeping my latest one smaller / cheaper to see how the response is to it, compared to my other average size books. I have learned that I am my best advertiser, publisher and marketer for my books. Before I started this Self-publishing journey, I didnt recognise this so much.

What is the #1 piece of advice that you would provide other Professionals looking to Self-Publish?
Take one step at a time so you don’t become overwhelmed, and KNOW you have the skills needed to do this!

To follow Lee-Anne’s journey, you can find her online at Temple of Balance.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Lee-Anne Peters – Author of Temple of Balance

  1. memi1964

    I enjoyed this interview with Lee-Anne…While I haven’t yet read her books, I will one day soon. The teaching, healing, and self-help info she shares through various mediums, is so valuable to me. Also of tremendous example to me is how extraordinarily hard I’ve seen her work since “bumping” into her in Facebook a year ago. I have an excellent model to learn from not only my own personal healing, but for what it takes to be so successful in business & self-expression. I’m extremely grateful for my connection, and wish Lee-Anne all the success in the world(she’s a heck of a healing facilitator and compassionate, beautiful being). Namaste’.

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