The Bestseller Incubator Webinar Recording – Now Available

Are you an upcoming Author seeking the Insider’s secrets on how to market your book towards bestseller status?

In ‘The Bestseller Incubator’ Webinar we introduce you to the processes to do just that.

Gain access to the recording now…

So what will you gain insights into through ‘The Bestseller Incubator’ Webinar?

Right now you are THE greatest secret in the Industry.

A recent study of 1,000+ Self-Published Authors by Taleist, shows that you aren’t alone.

In fact, ONLY 10% of Self-Published Authors surveyed were responsible for earning 75% of the combined income.

The Bestseller Incubator Webinar will share with you an Insider’s Guide to Successfully Marketing Your Book, whether you:

  • Have just put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard),
  • Are preparing to launch your book,
  • Just signed a publishing contract, or
  • Have a backlist title (anything that was printed in 2011 or prior) that is filling your garage space rather than retailers bookshelves.

You will be provided with the insights, knowledge and inspiration to start building and executing your strategic book marketing plan now.

So who am I (the Insider) and what have I achieved to warrant your attention for 45 minutes?

If you would like to know the nitty gritty about me I invite you to visit me here or to view my career achievements here.

Short and sweet, I am a bookworm and business nerd that grew up in Sydney before moving to the Sunshine Coast (via Brisbane).

My first foray into book publishing was through a Custom Publisher, who produced gorgeous hardcover coffee table books for Corporate Clients such as Qantas, NIDA, State Governments and Woolworths. Like Alice in Wonderland, transported from Campbelltown to Edgecliff everyday, from the ground up I gained exposure to every process associated with producing the compilation based books.

Those lessons I carry with me today.

Switching small business for the bigger end of town, I found my niche within the Media Marketing Research and Trade Marketing departments of Pacific Publications, ACP, Fairfax Business Media and News Limited – having the privilege to work with the very talented Publishers, Editors, Marketing and Advertising Teams (kind of as the glue that brings everything together) across the Women’s Lifestyle, Homes Lifestyle, Food, Wine and Travel and Business Divisions (Plus ACP Books).

Fast forward 4 years, which saw both a highly success jewellery label and consulting business being born and operated. Following a relocation to sunny Queensland, I landed safely into the Business Coaching Industry and back into the Business of Books (Publishing).

Having spent the bulk of the past year developing a small start-up publishing and distribution house for the business owner, I recognised a strong need to nurture fresh voices within the industry, providing an incubator for Authors to aid in developing their book, online platform, business model and profile.

Which brings us to Barefoot Basics and ‘The Bestseller Incubator: An Insider’s Guide to Successfully Marketing Your Book’.

In the 45-minute webinar, I  (The Insider) will share with you:

  • The importance of marketing as an Author
  • What you need to consider when building your online author platform
  • The role of social media
  • How to create your press (media) kit
  • What to consider when building your distribution model
  • The top 10 tips for building your profile as an Author
  • How to build a strategic and actionable marketing plan

The key to your success as an Author is to start effectively marketing and building your brand now! Are you ready? Or are you looking for more?

The Bestseller Incubator 8-Week Online Bootcamp is ready to roll when you are…

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