Barefoot Basics Is Expanding – Are You An Author Looking To Self-Publish?

Barefoot Basics is paving the way for new voices to be heard through our new publishing division.

Our aim is to combine author support, education and savvy marketing to share Australia’s talent with the world.

We understand the important role the top traditional and independent publishers play within the industry, but we also know there is no such thing as an overnight sensation!

Instead, we see ourselves as an Incubator and Nurturer of fresh local talent, working with our Authors to develop their book, online platform, business model and profile.

In an effort to stamp out the cowboys and vanity press, ok, so more like squishing a cockroach in stilletos, and because I (Rochelle) would rather poke myself in the eye than see another poorly produced book, through the new division we will work with both Authors who wish to Publish or Be Published.

For our first wave of Authors we are primarily seeking forward-thinking individuals that understand that marketing = book sales!

Our (growing) team consists of marketing, social media, public relations, editorial, customer service, sales and creative specialists, all with top level project management skills to drive our new division forward.

What will make publishing with us different?

We work with Authors that are truly accountable for their own success.

From the ground up we will work with you to develop your online platform, streamline your social media message, transform your manuscript into a quality and visually stunning physical book (or ebook), in addition to providing you with the training, tools and resources needed to create and action your Author & Book Marketing Plan.

Our services and courses will be provided to you at cost.

With the aim to provide a return on investment prior to your book being sent to print either through our POD partner or through an Australian sourced printer.

And most importantly, as you are self-publishing through our incubator, you retain the copyrights, we would simply love a testimonial and mention on the imprint page in return.

So what are we looking for?

We are looking for Authors who are ready to start building their platforms now, and looking to go to print throughout the 2012/2013 Financial Year.

Initially we are interested in working with Non-Fiction Authors, however if you have a stand out novel we would also love to hear from you!

Our approach to business is slightly different to the rest, so at times both Barefoot Basics and our Authors will be called on to step outside their comfort zone.

Think big and you’re half way there, support yourself with the right team and seek to take a step towards your goals each day, success will come your way.

As an Author you will recognise that you have a message to share with the world and together we will do the hard yards to make it happen.

Who will we be working with?

At present we are currently finalising our team of freelancers plus printing, distribution partners. More will be announced shortly.

Why are we launching now?

Barefoot Basics has been in ‘incubation’ mode for the past two years, honing our product offering and developing our knowledge centres.

It is time to share the voices of Australian Authors with the world.

Our Aim:

Our immediate aim is to work with Self-Published Authors, this will provide us with the foundation to begin publishing speciality projects, anthologies and compilation books that offer more than just a great read to their audience.

To start your journey as a Self-Published Author email us here.

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