Beyond The Manuscript – The Importance of (Self-Driven) Marketing and Promotion

The process of writing your book doesn’t end with completing your manuscript, nor when you sign off on the final edits, cover design nor typesetting…

Even before your book heads off to print, you (the Author) should be investing a few hours per day cleverly crafting and executing a strategic marketing plan, that will carry your book forward into the hands of your target audience.

Become a thought leader within the publishing industry

No matter whether you are a self-published or traditionally published author, the energy and hours you invest in marketing your book (and yourself) will determine whether you sell 200 copies of your book or achieve BESTSELLER status.

When building your online brand, here are a couple tips and hints to maximise you online brand, cost effectively building your marketing and promotional activity:

  1. Facebook – Build a Facebook ‘Fan Page’ reflecting the branding of your book cover.  Engage with your audience, share insights into your creative process and journey. Provide inspiration through quotes and begin building yourself as a thought leader by linking to industry news, trends and research.
  2. Twitter – Express yourself in 140 characters or less. Use the search function to ‘Follow’ (not stalk) others who show an interest in your topic of interest.
  3. YouTube – Create a book trailer to upload onto YouTube to drive interest in your book.
  4. Website – Using WordPress, Joomla or a similar easy to use CMS to create your website on a hosted domain. The basic structure of your site should include pages such as Author Bio, Products and Services, Events, Blog and Contact Details.
  5. Blog – Create a blogging schedule on topics that are relevant to your upcoming book, as well as providing insight into your creative process.
  6. Guest Blogging – See guest blogging opportunities that will develop your voice within your field. Provide track back links and promote the posts as much as possible to boost the affiliate relationship.
  7. Webinars – Particularly for Non-Fiction. Host online webinars to provide detailed information into the core topics of your book.

Be creative and have fun engaging with your online audience!

xx Rochelle

About the Author: Rochelle Stone, Founder of Barefoot Basics, has guided the Marketing, Personal Branding and Business Development for clients of all sizes from Micro/Solo Entrepreneurs to SME and beyond to International Franchising Companies, working for both the Head Office and Franchisor. This article is based on her experience in the industry.

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