Tips & Hints for Preparing Your Manuscript in MS Word

Keep in mind the below tips & hints when typing your manuscript in MS Word, each has been developed to minimise the time required to professionally typeset your manuscript, with fewer formatting changes after proofing.

  1. Align all text to the left hand margin. Instead of using extra spaces or a tab indentation at the start of your opening line of the paragraph, create the indentation by selecting ‘Styles and Formatting’ from your Formatting Menu Bar. Under ‘Indentation’ select the special rule of first line (from the appropriate drop down menu) then enter an indentation of 0.5 inches. Ensure also that you have ticked ‘Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style.
  2. To start a new paragraph hit the ‘Enter’ key once to begin a new line. There is no need to add 2 or more paragraph breaks to signal a new paragraph, as these will need to be removed by the typesetting, adding $$$ to your bottom line for design costs.
  3. Simply use one ‘Space’ between the ‘Full Stop’ and the beginning of a new sentence.
  4. Allow the text to flow within the paragraph, there is no need to hit the ‘Enter’ key each time you wish to start a new line, like on the old school typewriters.
  5. Take care when beginning a new paragraph ensuring that the ‘Enter’ key only is hit, rather than mistakenly inserting a manual line break ‘Shift and Enter’ key.
  6. Refrain from using a series of ‘Tab’ key entries at the end of a sentence to begin a new line of text or paragraph.
  7. When creating tables, graphs or charts, ensure that you create them to the size specifications of your finished book size.
  8. Choose one font style and size and stick to it!
  9. When creating a new page, use the page break function in MS Word, rather than hitting the ‘Enter’ key numerous times.

Happy typing!

xxx Rochelle

About the Author: Rochelle Stone, Founder of Barefoot Basics, has guided the Marketing, Personal Branding and Business Development for clients of all sizes from Micro/Solo Entrepreneurs to SME and beyond to International Franchising Companies, working for both the Head Office and Franchisor. This article is based on her experience in the industry.

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